Drug Trafficking, Possession

Have you been charged with federal drug trafficking, or possibly just misdemeanor possession? Attorney John Hunter Smith has extensive experience defending those accused of drug charges. Possession of even small amounts of certain drugs can result in felony charges. If large amounts are involved, the charges could include intent to sell, distribution or trafficking – which carry severe consequences.

Associated charges to drug trafficking can include money laundering, conspiracy, tax evasion and extortion. We will complete our own investigation and research all applicable laws. Perhaps an unlawful search of a home or an unlawful traffic stop could enable us to seek suppression of evidence, meaning that evidence cannot be used against you at trial. These types of defenses can often result in dismissal or reduction of the charges. We take all drug charges just as seriously as the prosecution does and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for your case.

  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Legal Prescription Drugs
  • Manufacture or Distribution of Drugs
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Synthetic Designer Drugs

Possession of Controlled Substances

In Texas, marijuana, heroin, Ecstasy (MMDA/Molly), PCP, LSD and cocaine are classified as controlled dangerous substances (CDS) — and so are the compounds used to manufacturer them. Depending on the drug and the amounts, charges and penalties can range from a relatively small fine and months of jail time to fines closer to $100,000 and a lifetime sentence. Even conviction on lesser charges can lead to driver’s license suspension and seizure of your car or property, not to mention a criminal record that will follow you throughout your life.

The state must prove the drugs were found on you or in your control after a LEGAL search. You need an experienced drug possession lawyer to build a case challenging the legality of the search, effectively suppressing the evidence so the state can’t prove its case. If you’ve been charged with possession of controlled substances, call us right away to discuss how we can help.

Possession of Legal Prescription Drugs

Even if you have a prescription for a medication such as Xanax, Oxytocin or Codeine, selling it to someone else is illegal and can result in a misdemeanor drug possession charge or even a felony criminal drug possession charge. Charges depend on the type of drug, quantities and circumstances of the sale (for instance, selling to minors in a drug-free zone such as a school enhances the offense). Attorney John Hunter Smith has defended numerous cases with a strong track record of success. Call today to see how he can help you.

Manufacture or Distribution of Drugs

If you have been charged with large-scale illegal drug manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance you are facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. Securing an attorney with extensive experience in these types of cases is essential. We have handled many complex cases and successfully defended people accused of running anything from meth labs to marijuana grow houses. We can help defend you against additional drug-related charges as well, such as money laundering, tax evasion, extortion and conspiracy. Call us to discuss the specifics of your case immediately.

Drug Trafficking

Whether it’s moving cocaine, heroine, marijuana, meth (methamphetamine) or prescription narcotics, drug trafficking is a federal offense. The prosecution relies heavily on vehicle search/seizure, undercover information and informants to build their case, so you need a drug trafficking lawyer with experience and knowledge of evidence-collection procedures to ensure your rights are protected.

Like with drug manufacturing or distribution charges, associated charges to drug trafficking can include conspiracy, money laundering, tax evasion and extortion – and can be just as detrimental. We take drug trafficking charges just as seriously as the prosecution does and will work hard to get the best possible outcome for your case.

Synthetic Designer Drugs

They go by trendy names like K2, Kryptonite, Spice, Cheese … but Texas law proclaims them just as illegal to possess or sell as the traditional drugs they attempt to emulate. Don’t make the mistake of thinking any version of synthetic marijuana is safer (legally or chemically). Laws surrounding use and distribution of synthetic drugs change constantly as new drugs emerge and loopholes are closed. If you’ve been arrested for a crime involving synthetic weed or any designer drug, it’s important that your lawyer be up-to-date on any and all new developments to form an effective defense. As an experienced drug defense lawyer, John Hunter Smith has defended many people accused of possession and/or manufacture of designer drugs. Call us today to find out how he can help you.

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