Business Litigation

Business litigation comes into play when business disputes can’t be resolved through negotiation or arbitration. Our experienced attorneys represent business owners and individuals in negotiation and litigation of issues such as breach of contract, shareholder/business partner disputes, commercial real estate, asset protection and more. Creativity and sound judgment are critical for successful outcomes on these issues, whether they are substantial cases in the public view, or they require a more discrete approach.

While all cases must be litigated with an eye toward ultimately trying them, seasoned commercial litigators understand that at all times they must strive to achieve the best possible result at a reasonable cost. As a Texas Super Lawyer, Michael Wynne is board certified in civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is admitted to practice in all state courts and the Eastern District of Texas, the Northern District of Texas and the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

  • Breach of contract
  • Business practices
  • Shareholder or Business Partner Dispute
  • Negotiation
  • Civil Litigation

Breach of contract

It happens all too often in the world of business: people don’t do what they say they’re going to do. When a signed and valid contract is broken, you have a legal problem on your hands. A skilled, experienced contract lawyer can help determine if it’s appropriate to file a lawsuit for damages resulting from a broken contract. Call the offices of Wynne & Smith and speak to a business law attorney to evaluate your case.

Business practices

Misappropriation of funds, assets and trade secrets. Stealing intellectual property. Spreading false information in the business community and to your customers. Employing short-term predatory pricing. Demanding exclusive contracts from suppliers. Hacking into your system. When your competition employs unfair and deceptive business practices to boost their profits and put you out of business, they’ve crossed the line. Call us to discuss your legal options.

Shareholder or Business Partner Dispute

It’s unfortunate when disputes arise between business partners or shareholders, particularly if the parties are family. It’s even more unfortunate when complications from those disputes threaten the company’s operations and success. An experienced business attorney with a deep understanding of business dynamics and the skills to analyze critical documentation can manage the dispute process and develop the proper resolution strategy. While we avoid litigation whenever possible, you can trust in our experience and knowledge should going to court be warranted.


When two or more parties need to reach an agreement, it’s helpful to have the assistance of a business attorney trained in negotiations. Taking much less time than litigation, but often used in conjunction with a pending lawsuit, negotiation is not tied to the court schedule. This can save significant amounts of money since there is no waiting on a judge for a hearing to begin. And because negotiation doesn’t require the presence of a judge, these informal proceedings keep the deciding power in the hands of the disputing parties. Both sides can speak freely without involving the court, however, all parties must agree before the negotiations are settled.

Unlike a mediator, whose job it is to ensure the negotiation is conducted fairly, the negotiation attorneys of Wynne & Smith represents your best interests to ensure you are pleased with the settlement.

Civil Litigation

With 34 years of trial experience, the attorneys of Wynne & Smith are more than qualified to handle any civil litigation dispute. Our trial lawyers represent parties seeking money damages or specific performance (to uphold contractual obligations) in dispute resolution cases where criminal sanctions would not apply. From trials and hearings to arbitrations and mediations, whenever business litigation is needed, our civil litigation lawyers will appear with you before administrative agencies and foreign tribunals as well as local, state and federal courts to help successfully resolve your business partnership disputes.

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